A New Old Friend

golf gloves for 2021
“This hand is my hand…”

Remember when you were younger and took the piss out of people wearing just one glove like Michael Jackson.

Well, I’m back to write more about the revamp of your golf game as we look to get back out on course in the best manner possible.

So let’s talk about golf gloves.

If you’ve been with us from the beginning you will be rolling your eyes thinking, here he goes again with his FootJoy WeatherSof lovefest.

Well, take a deep breath.

I am no longer a fanboy for that glove. I’ve pretty much been a staunch one glove kinda guy, but when you go through three gloves in two years you lose your love a bit.

Some people might be reading thinking that you should keep refreshing your golf gloves, well just remember my golf time has been limited by the Covid-19 pandemic.

On my first round back out at the start of the year my glove essentially disintegrated during my round. I was not best pleased.

So when my second round approached I headed back to the sports shop to buy a new one, but my heart sank as they didn’t have any FootJoy gloves in stock.

But I bought another and now I may not look back.

So here are a few picks for you if you are looking to upgrade your glove.

TaylorMade Flex Glove

Lightweight and flexible is something essential for a glove. This offering molds to your hand which means it gives you maximum comfort whilst completing your round.

It offers brilliant breathability with it’s perforation on the fingers and also on the top of your hand. The fabric used also incorporates a stretchy nylon insert meaning it provides you with the best it possible.

Bionic StableGrip

Probably the weirdest looking glove I have seen in a long time. It’s also not really a new on the market glove.

But the design is there to help reduce pressure on your grip with pads in the fingers and palm of the glove which distributes your grip pressure throughout the hand.

It looks and feels awkward but I know it has truly helped one of my playing partners who has always struggled with an incredibly tight grip.

It boasts incredible durability and the addition of lycra adds an aspect of breathability too.

It’s not for everyone

Callaway Dawn Patrol

Now we arrive at my newest glove. I’ve been playing better recently with the new glove but I’m not saying it is all because of the glove. But it sure has helped.

I feel more confident in it with it’s soft leather allowing me maximum comfort whilst also having that classic look.

It’s not exactly reinventing the wheel but when you are making something used and adored worldwide, you don’t have to make too many adjustments.

For me it is very similar to the FootJoy but surprisingly is cheaper. I’m not a complicated man when it comes to golf gloves but this one just nails the brief.

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