Copy Cat Killer

Rory McIlroy copying Bryson
A lesson in playing your own game.

Guilty as charged. But let me explain.

Everybody at some stage in their life has copied someone else. Sometimes it works but more often than not it just isn’t right for you.

For me I’ve had many experiences with this, especially in golf.

As a stockier guy I started off watching videos of John Daly and Lee Westwood to try and shape my swing.

But you find what works for you and you run with it. Something you’d think that the pros would never differ from, definitely not if they are incredibly successful.

Well, Rory McIlroy has seemingly been trying to emulate the big hitting of Bryson DeChambeau.

After missing the cut in his defence of the Players Championship title, finishing 10-over, the Northern Irishman reflected on the failure of his attempts.

“I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t anything to do with what Bryson did at the US Open,”

“I think a lot of people saw that and were like, ‘if this is the way they’re going to set golf courses up in the future, it helps’. It really helps.

Rein It In Rory…

“I thought being able to get some more speed is a good thing, and maybe to the detriment of my swing, I got there, but I just need to maybe rein it back in a little bit.”

Trying to add speed into his swing in recent months hasn’t paid off for the four-time Major winner. He has fallen out of the worlds top 10 for the first time in three years.

DeChambeau stole all the headlines in golf at the tail end of 2020 after his US Open win and his plan to truly attack Augusta with power.

But the latter didn’t pay off.

McIlroy has not won a tournament since November 2019, but did top the world rankings in early 2020 due to his consistency in top 10 finishes.

This was again evident at the Masters.

He just needs to work on his opening round as this seems to be where he immediately is out of contention to win.

He admitted that he has been working on replicating Bryson since October, but he now admits this was the wrong plan of action for him.

“I started getting sucked into that stuff, and my swing got flat, long, and too rotational,”

“I added some speed and I am hitting the ball longer, but what that did to my swing as a whole probably wasn’t a good thing, so I’m sort of fighting to get back out of that.”

The only way is up for Rory though. He needs to find his old form quickly or else he will make my prediction of him winning a Major in 2021 look stupid.

His potential and talent deserve better than what he is producing right now.

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