Bryson DeChambeau The Open
Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

The saying goes ‘a poor workman blames his tools’.

Any parent will tell you that when a child is having a tantrum it’s best not to play along.

Well, we were treated to a tantrum at The Open.

Not from a spectator but from one of the best in the business – Bryson DeChambeau.

Before the action at Royal St George’s, there was much talk about the big hitter using irons of the tee.

But things did not go to plan as he struggled during his first round, ending up with a one-over-par 71.

He then stated that his driver sucks. Adding “I’m living on a razor’s edge, I’ve told people for a long time,”

“If I can hit it down the middle of the fairway, that’s great, but with the driver right now, the driver sucks.

“It’s not a good face for me, and we’re still trying to figure out how to make it good on the mis-hits.”

Not what Cobra wanted to hear from their star.

“It’s really painful when he says something that stupid.”

Ben Schomin caddied for Bryson a fortnight ago after he fired his long term caddie. He is also the tour operations manager for Cobra and said that the manufacturer “bends over backwards for him”

“He’s in a place where he’s swinging a 5-degree driver with 200 mph of ball speed,”

“Everybody is looking for a magic bullet. Well, the magic bullet becomes harder and harder to find the faster you swing and the lower your loft gets.”

“He has never really been happy, ever. Like, it’s very rare where he’s happy.

“He didn’t really mean to say it that harshly. It’s like an eight-year-old that gets mad at you. They might fly off the handle and say, ‘I hate you’. But then you go. ‘Whoa, no you don’t’.

“We know as adults that they really don’t mean that.”

Put simply its nice to see a manufacturer fight back.

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